Embedding Cursor

How to embed a existing cursor file into the application?

I was using Visual C# 2005 to build a GUI application. I needed to add existing cursor file into the project.

The procedure i followed was:

1) I added a existing cursor file into project.

2) Selected cursor file in the Solution Explorer > Chose View->Properties > Change the “Build Action” to “Embedded Resources”.

3) Code

Cursor newCur = new Cursor(“xyz.cur”);
this.Cursor = newCur;

But application was throwing exception “Could not find file C:\App\Debug\rotate.cur” even though i have added it in application.

After googling i found the solution at http://www.codeprof.com/dev-archive/37/9-31-373566.shtm

Here it goes:

1) Follow procedure 1 and 2 as done by me and Add

using System.Reflection;
using System.Resources;
using System.IO;

2) Actual code for getting resource (cursor)
Assembly asm = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly();
using( Stream resStream = asm.GetManifestResourceStream( “MyNameSpace.xyz.cur” ) )
  Cursor cursor = new Cursor( resStream );

where MyNamespace is name of our namespace.

3) Use

Form.Cursor = cursor;

The link also give the detailss of how to print all our resource names to the console (for example to lookup if the resource exists):

Assembly asm = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly();
Console.WriteLine( “Manifest resources for {0}”, asm.FullName );

foreach( String resourceName in asm.GetManifestResourceNames() )
   Console.WriteLine( “\t{0}”, resourceName );


2 thoughts on “Embedding Cursor

  1. jzel laserna

    uhm… what do you mean in PROJECT??? where can i find that PROJECT??? please help me…. thanks!!

  2. mahesg Post author

    Your Project in Solution Explorer.
    Right click on your Project and click “Add New Item”.
    Add the cursor file.


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